Introducing NEW Quick Fists Mounting Clamps

Competitive Metals is now selling the new, multi-purpose Quick Fist Clamps!

These awesome, new vehicle tool and equipment mounts come in various sizes and styles including the Original Quick Fist Clamp, Mini Pack Clamps and the Roll Bar Mount Kit.

General Product Details:

  • Heavy duty transportation grade rubber

  • UV Resistant

  • Will not be affected by hot or cold climates

  • Multi-use

Original Quick Fist Clamp Product Details (pictured above):

  • Holds objects 1'' to 2.25'' in diameter

  • Each clamp supports a safe working load of 25 lbs (2 clamps supports 50 lbs)

  • Mounts easily with one #10 bolt or screw

  • Mounting area: 2 1/2'' x 3/4''

These mounts can be used on everything from fire extinguishers to shovels and more.

Stop by the shop to check out these awesome, new products!

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