Off Road Takeover in Temecula

Saturday, August 9th, the Off Road Nights show in Old Town Temecula was in full speed as viewers came out to see everything off road. Trophy trucks, buggys, jeeps, vendors, food, freebies, and live bands were just a few things that one could find walking through Old Town that day.

Missed out on all the action? Check out more photos below from the event!

Competitive Metals' exhibit was located in the "Off Road Racing" section where we featured Brandon Arthur's prolite truck, as well as the Competitive Metals Jeep and a stunning Alumi Craft buggy. This area was filled with off road vendors, vehicles, and racers out to sign autographs and enjoy the show.

During the event, Dirt Sports Magazine stopped by the Competitive Metals Jeep to do a quick photoshoot.

Stunning Alumi Craft buggy

Pabst Blue Ribbon Polaris

Thanks to Off Road Nights for putting on a great event!

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